To contend with widespread mergers and acquisitions increased competition regulatory controls lightning-fast technological developments and rising environmental pressures chemicals companies have had to revolutionize the way they operate. Imperio collaborates with leading chemical companies and suppliers to develop and execute global strategies manage complexity and risk and drive innovation. We take an integrated approach to building high-performance businesses that can deliver consistent sustained business results today and tomorrow.

Tailored Services for Chemicals Companies:

Our Chemicals practice helps clients face key industry challenges head on

  • Human resources and operational excellence
  • Supply chain excellence in commercial planning and material flow
  • Highly efficient cost-reduction programs
  • post-merger integration services
  • IT convergence strategies
  • Strategic sourcing
  • Price revenue optimization
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) effectiveness
  • Sales effectiveness and customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Data warehouses for management and decision support

Global Solutions for Chemicals Leaders:

By combining deep industry knowledge business consulting expertise and leading technology capabilities Imperio offers solutions for all segments of the global chemical industry.