Freight and Logistics

While the developing global economy offers enormous growth potential for the freight and logistics industry players, it also brings more intricate supply chains, higher costs and tighter regulatory demands. We help freight and logistics companies integrate acquisitions, create value-added functionality and reduce aging financial and operating systems' maintenance costs while mitigating the risks of unlocking complex legacy systems. The rapid development of the global economy offers enormous growth potential for players in the freight and logistics marketplace. Although this deepening phase of globalization we call the "multi-polar world" brings with it opportunity, it also presents complications: more intricate supply chains, higher costs, and tighter regulatory demands.

The rise of the multi-polar world is driving new customer demands into the freight and logistics industry. To effectively compete, freight and logistics companies need industry-specific solutions that offer a combination of organizational structures, leading practices in execution, and supporting tools. The end result: higher levels of collaboration across the value chain and increased customer satisfaction.