Financial Services

The financial services marketplace is more demanding and less forgiving than ever before. Customers are savvier, oversight is tighter and competition is intensifying. Imperio is helping its banking, capital markets and insurance clients meet the operational, technology, customer relationship and risk challenges of a changed industry to gain competitive advantage and achieve high performance. The credit crisis has produced a global shockwave for the financial services industry. Lingering pools of troubled assets, increased regulatory implications, government assistance, as well as the fall of major players continue to present unique challenges along with complex.

Imperio brings a dedicated team of professionals to assist the financial industry through these trying times. IMPERIO works with individuals and entities to develop strategic solutions to operational, financial and regulatory challenges. Our mission is simple solve problems.

Our professionals assist financial services companies, both large and small, with due diligence, performance improvement projects, regulatory requirements and risk management matters. Our team comprises senior financial institution regulators and seasoned bank executives from diverse and extensive backgrounds, who bring unique and specialized expertise in credit compliance, equity and regulatory issues. The team also has a strong emphasis on balance sheet management, capital planning, as well as examining and managing risk at banks from the community level up to some of the largest.

IMPERIO seamlessly draws upon the expertise of global, integrated teams of functional and industry professionals to meet clients' needs. As current Chief Restructuring Officers of Lehman Brothers and Washington Mutual, IMPERIO brings significant experience working with financial services clients in today's unprecedented market conditions.