Oil & Gas

Imperio provides the technology and applications that allows oil companies a comprehensive, integrated view of operations, using a data management and business intelligence solution for the exploration and production business. Coupled with our world-class solutions for asset management, project management, talent management, financial, supply chain, and field service offerings for transforming the upstream oil and gas business.• Modular engineering designs for Oil & Gas equipment and drilling units Helping world Oil & Gas equipment manufacturers and drilling operator to modularize their product designs.

  • Material and schedule optimization in project engineering through optimal plant designs Utilize experienced designers and latest plant design tools for minimizing material wastage during the plant and process unit construction.
  • Minimize the maintenance/refurbishment time through simulation-based testing For leading rig operator by reducing the yard docking time for rig overhauling and maintenance.

Challenges & Opportunities:

  • Changing business dynamics: As new products and markets emerge with new price points, there is significant M&A (Merger & Acquisition) activity which necessitates vertical and horizontal integration. With end consumers becoming highly environmentally conscious, creating sustainable products is not just a business imperative — it can also create a competitive edge.
  • Cost rationalization: Consistent fluctuations in availability of energy and input costs necessitate control on total costs. The cost must be optimized for emerging markets and fixed costs need to be changed to operating costs for better visibility and scalability.
  • Getting closer to end consumers: With the surge in social media usage, customer intimacy and brand building is critical. Leveraging products and services that add service revenues to complement product revenues is emerging as a key strategy for manufacturers.